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Stable version 1.2.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Library to sanitize sort attributes to be safely used in an advanced SQLs "ORDER BY" clause. The provided functions usage is similar to the BuildSafe_InClause server actions in Sanitization.
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If you want to implement a dynamic sort based on an input parameter of type Text, you need to sanitize this string to prevent SQL-injections. This library has two functions to get you covered:

  • TextToSortAttribute
    Converts a string with SQL sort attributes (e.g. "CreatedOn DESC" or "{Contact}.[LastName], {Contact}.[FirstName]") to SortAttributes for the BuildSafe_SortClause function.
  • BuildSafe_SortClause
    Returns a comma-delimited text value containing all the sort attributes provided as input. The returned value can be safely used in a SQL "ORDER BY" clause.

The former versions (< 1.2.0) of this forge component were using another approach derived from the OutSystems documentaion article "How to enable dynamic sorting in a table fed by a SQL query". This older function EncodingSortForSQL is still contained in the library for backward compatibility, but is marked as deprecated and internally uses the new functions now:

  • DEPRECATED_EncodingSortForSQL
    Encodes a string with SQL sort attributes to prevent SQL-Injection.

The new version offers the following improvements:

  • TextToSortAttributes still allows to receive the ordering as a string in SQL syntax, but parses it to a list of SortAttributes.
  • This SortAttributes list can then be manipulated as needed, e.g. to force certain sort orders.
  • BuildSafe_SortClause takes this list, sanitizes the individual attributes and builds a minified string for use in an advanced SQL element.
Release notes (1.2.0)
  • Functionality split into parsing (TextToSortAttributes) and sanitizing (BuildSafe_SortClause)
  • Option to manipulate sorting criteria before sanitization
  • Minify generated SQL clause
  • Former function EncodingSortForSQL kept as deprecated for backward compatibility
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