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Office Space

Stable version 1.3.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Office Space

Office Space will allow you to book a desk from an office of your choice, in alignment with all cleaning and safety needs. >> How to Install << - In case you have an ANDROID, if it doesn’t allow you to install in the work profile please install in the personal one instead. - In case you have an iOS device after installing the app, in case you have an warning saying "Untrusted Enterprise Developer", you need to go to Settings > General > Device Management and make sure that you trust in the OutSystems entity.
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The Office Space mobile app provides everything your employees need to quickly book a desk in the office of their choice. See details below for important information. Please note installation instructions on the documentation tab.

Office Space is an easy-to-use mobile app you can use to help your company manage a safe return to the workplace. The app starts with a three-point health questionnaire that determines eligibility to book a desk. It also provides built-in COVID-19 rules for social distancing and mask requirements and reminders to work at home should employees not meet eligibility or aren’t feeling well.

Employees can then choose an office location, specific date, floor, and the number of hours they'd like to work. The app automatically assigns a desk and displays an interactive map that navigates the user to the assigned desk. QR codes at the desk allow easy check-in scans. Employees checkout when ready, or the app notifies them when checkout time is near so they can vacate the space and the cleaning crew can sanitize.

Keep checking for new versions with awesome new features.

Release notes (1.3.0)
  • Scheduling on behalf of someone
  • Rate the app
  • Announcement popup if defined in the BackOffice
  • All day reservation view to allow one check-in in the morning and one check-out in the afternoon
  • Delay of the afternoon period by 1 hour to give sanitization team some time to clean up the desks
  • Automatic check-out in the morning period to allow desk sanitization during the lunch period
  • Prevent check-in in the afternoon if desk is still not clean
  • Book lunch accelerator on the app menu
  • Display desk information after check in
  • See person email when scheduling to meet up with someone
  • Default Office from the Backoffice when entering the app for the first time then keeping the selected office for future accesses
  • Security and consistency improvements
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in version 1.0.0
Great starter app for this business case!
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