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OpenTok Connector React

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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OpenTok Connector React

OpenTok Connector allows your OutSystems Reactive Web Applications to use OpenTok API to publish video stream by WebRTC. This module has a few REST API services and the Token Generator from OpenTok SDK DLL.
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This Application is implementation of main component(OpenTok Connector) in Reactive Web Apps. 

  • With modification in code to support Reactive features.
  • Additional API's consumed to get the Archives.

OpenTok is a Video Call API platform (js) using WebRTC. 


You can try for a month for free. 

(You need to put a valid API Key and API Secret in OpenTok_SDK site properties to work)

In this module I build a few functions and REST services for:

  • Create Session (REST)
  • Generate Token (Extension)
  • Start Archive (for Manual Session's Archive Mode option) (REST)
  • Stop Archive (for Manual Session's Archive Mode option) (REST)
  • A REST service to receive as a Callback function from OpenTok, all recorded sessions info
  • You can build your own video call aplication with some components that it is included in an Example App:
    • PublishersContainer: All incoming video streaming inside the same container (OpenTok default; The first is your own webcam)
    • MyPublishContainer + OthersPublishContainer: Separated views for your own webcam and others
    • ArchiveRecordController: Manual start and stop record sessions
    • Chat: A simple realtime chat using Signaling from OpenTok.js library
  • More info about SDK and REST:
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in version 1.0.0
Useful Component for Web RTC
in version 1.0.0
Nice component for integrating web RTC in outsystems