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Model Driven Data Quality

version 1.0.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Model Driven Data Quality

Make use of the Outsystems metamodel to improve data quality, with validation and default values.
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Can validate the attributes of an entity against it's properties in the entity definition : 

  • check if mandatory attribute has value 
  • check if value doesn't exceed length property 
  • check if referential integrity is respected 

Can fill empty mandatory attributes with their default value if provided in the datamodel. 

This is not intended as a replacement of built-in or custom validations on either client or server side, but as an extra step for improving quality of data before creating or updating records in the database. 

Can be especially usefull in situations where 

  • the source of the data is not an outsystems application and less validation options are available
  • data model changes might cause overlooked inconsistencies between existing (built-in) validations and the datamodel

Through a site property it is possible to store information about all validation errors and default replacements that have happened, so analysis can be done on where records of low data quality originate.  To browse this, some simple reactive screens are provided.

Makes use of metamodel, can break in future releases of OS if these entities are altered as part of the release.

Release notes (1.0.2)

as this is still under development, lots of details and tweaks.  What comes to mind :

- changed the validate and fillDefault actions from server action to service action

- created demo application with a first complete use case, more use cases will follow

- added actions to compose and display an exception message based on validation results

- put some more details on the reactive screens to analyse validation results

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