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Gzip Compress/Decompress

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Gzip Compress/Decompress

Introduction This component allows you to compress and decompress data using the GZip algorithm. You can use this component to reduce the size of your data and save storage space or bandwidth. This component offers two actions: GZipCompress and GZipDecompress. This component has an Outsystems extension in .net and uses using System.IO.Compression to perform the compression and decompression operations. This directive was introduced in .NET Framework 4.5 to provide classes that support the compression and decompression of files and streams using various algorithms, such as GZip. Before that, it was necessary to use third-party libraries or native code to perform these operations. This directive made it easier to work with compressed files and data in C# and other .NET languages. To use this component, you need to have OutSystems 11 or higher and the BinaryData extension installed in your environment.
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With the arrival of Outsystems solutions to other devices than computers served by cable networks, that is, their entry into situations supported by mobile networks, there is a need to implement solutions to culminate some inherent difficulties in the use of mobile networks.

This solution compresses the information to pass through the mobile network in order to reduce its weight, improving efficiency. It also decompresses the information so that it can be used outside modern browsers.
Another usage scenario is when you want to deal with responses from WebServices that have been compressed.

Feel free to test and evaluate its operation before installing on your system.

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