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Event Calendar

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Event Calendar

Enables users to display calendar in monthly and yearly view. It also has the option of adding events which can be enabled or disabled.
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Calendar Display is based on Web Block and CSS. For the Event Feature, JQuery-UI Drag and Drop features are used. 

This component can be used to display the Calendar in Monthly view in the project with just drag and drop. It has only three input parameters as shown in the below image.

* Year and Month needs to be entered to display the corresponding Month of that year. If the values are not passed, it will take the Current Month and Year as Default Value.

* EventFeature parameter is used to switch the Event Feature On/Off. The default value is True.

The Calendar is the outer Block and the main core Block is the DateBlock which has few parameters with default values.

 * All the parameters are set in the code and have default values.

 * The first 3 parameters are for displaying (Footer,Header,Content) respectively. 

 * The DisplayDay,DisplayMonth and DisplayYear are used for fetching data.

 * IsEventFeature is set in the Calendar block.


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