Workflow Sample Reactive

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Workflow Sample Reactive

A sample application to show how to implement workflow application in Reactive Web. (To use this sample, OutSystems Platform Version 11.8.0 or later is required.)
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To use this sample, OutSystems Platform Version 11.8.0 or later is required.

This sample shows how to implement following functionalities with OutSystems in Reactive Web.

  • Submit/Re-submit approval requests
  • Approve/Reject the requests
  • Show workflow history and process diagram


Email contents design is not provided for Reactive Web module yet, so sending email feature is not implemented in this sample. If you need email notifications, you can implement it in the Traditional Web and call it from Reactive. (Designing/sending email from Reactive Web will be offered in the future OutSystems version.)

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in version 1.0.0
OutSystems Platform Version 11.8.0 or later is required...where to find this OS version?
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