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Google Places Autocomplete

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Google Places Autocomplete

Full implementation of the Google Places Autocomplete widget provided by the Places Javascript API. This enables applications to send queries as the user types, to provide on-the-fly place predictions as well as details for a selected place, while mapping all the library classes to OutSystems structures.
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The Google Places Autocomplete widget is an implementation of the Autocomplete widget from the Places Javascript API. It comprises a complete mapping of the widget features, including all options and structures offered by the API mapped to OutSytems structures. It also provides some helper utilities and enhancements to the original widget.

You can use the Autocomplete widget to give (any text input widget) your applications the type-ahead-search behavior of the Google Maps search field. The widget can match on full words and substrings, resolving place names, addresses, zip codes, plus codes, etc. Applications can therefore send queries as the user types, to provide on-the-fly place predictions in a dropdown field.

Furthermore, when a place from the dropdown is selected the widget retrieves the details for the selected place, which can then be used, for example, to populate or validate other fields.


  • Complete mapping of the Autocomplete widget class from Places Javascript API to OutSystems
  • Provides reactive inputs to dynamically configure the widget: Allows to restrict predictions by country, bounds and certain types, as well as, to set the fields that should be returned in the PlaceResult structure to reduce billing costs
  • Provides helper structures to quickly get common address fields from the PlaceResult Structure
  • Extra option to automatically select the first place when the user presses the enter key after typing some text (a common behaviour that the original widget lacks)

Please see the documentation page for a more detailed description of the widget features and to learn how to use it.


This application includes two modules:

  • GooglePlacesAutocompleteExample: Exemplifies a common use case for the widget module.
  • GooglePlacesAutocompleteWidget: The library that implements the autocomplete widget. This is the module you should import to implement the autocomplete feature in your own application.
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in version 1.0.0
Nice one, helped me alot!
in version 1.0.0
Easy to use. Allowed me to restrict by country and limit fields returned to control costs.