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Silk UI Web

Stable version 4.1.6 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
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Silk UI Web

From March 2022, SilkUI will no longer be a supported component. Moreover from June 2022 it will be deprecated, but will still be available for download in the Forge. Deprecating this framework won't impact your existing applications.
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SilkUI is a fully responsive framework, with dozens of ready-to-use patterns that can be easily dragged-and-dropped to build amazing UI, without any coding. 


There are several Templates, catering to different needs. Dublin for wider screens, Lisbon for smaller desktops or websites, Tokyo is aimed at mobile devices and Liverpool is a good fit for simpler apps.


For the sole purpose of measuring adoption, when the framework is published, some details (version, infrastructure code, number of consumers) are reported to OutSystems.

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What’s new (4.1.6)

ROU-2941 - The number of OSSYS_ACTIVATION query calls in the WidgetsForLayouts block was optimized to improve application performance.

Reviews (2)
in version 4.1.5
Really important component. It facilitated my life a lot
in version 4.1.2
i couldn't install the framwork