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Welcome Randomizer Core

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Welcome Randomizer Core

Core Service of the Welcome Randomizer - The component that makes your application more polite, welcoming your users with one of a set of your parameterized welcome messages :)
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The Welcome Randomizer is a simple way of welcoming your app users. 

It allows you to use a web-block with an input parameter of the user's name, and it will display a custom random of one of your welcome messages (ex.: "Welcome back, {UserName}!")

The Welcome Messages can be parameterized by you at the configuration page and are divided in 2 parts so you can fit the users name in between or even leave the Part1 or Part2 empty if you want.

For greater convenience, you can even create Groups and categorize each message so you can apply logic cases or limit the messages that are adequate for each situation (gender, age, screen, group,... you name it, your imagination is the limit :D )

Just pull the web-block to your desired screen, fill-in the username and group (non-mandatory) and voilá!

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