Multiple Selection Dropdown Widget (Reactive And Mobile)

Stable Version 1.0.5 (OutSystems 11)
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Created on 30 August 2020

Multiple Selection Dropdown Widget (Reactive And Mobile)

Multiple selection dropdown widget (for Reactive Web and Mobile). Control menu height and width. Options to: display user selections inside dropdown bar, add a 'select all' checkbox, return list containing only user selections, or entire list. Metadata fields included to hold data related to menu but not shown.
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Multiple selection dropdown menu widget for Reactive Web and Mobile

  • option to control dropdown menu width and height
  • option to display user selections inside the dropdown bar
  • option to display a 'select all' checkbox
  • option to return list containing user selected items only, or return whole list
  • option to keep menu open when user click away from menu
  • metadata fields to hold information related to the menu but not presented in the menu

Example use case for Metadata fields:

Often the data the user makes their selection on (eg. City Names) is different to the date the app actually needs (eg. Entity Ids, Postcodes, Country).

Using the metadata fields allows you to keep the related information with the user selections so when the list of selections is returned to the parent context it does not have to perform another Aggregate etc. to get the data it actually needs.

What’s new (1.0.5)
  • Menu closes automatically when user clicks away from menu (default option).
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Very easy to use. 
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