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Input Autocomplete Reactive

version 0.1.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Published on 03 September 2020 by 
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Input Autocomplete Reactive

Application containing the reusable block to allow an autocomplete feature for inputs in Reactive Applications.
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Application containing the reusable block (component/widget) which allows to have an input with the autocomplete feature in Reactive Applications.

This widget displays suggestions below a text input field. The list of suggestions is fed by an input parameter list, and the filtering occurs on the client side using a 'LIKE "%xxx%"' condition to find the respective matches.

The disadvantage of using this widget is that it requires the full range of data that needs to feed the list of suggestions to display below the input to be fetched beforehand (using an aggregate - take into account the value for the max records -  or data action).

If needed, it is always possible to adapt the existing block to be full server side. For that, one suggestion is to just clone the widget (copy paste the widget to one of your modules and make sure you don't bring unnecessary references), use an aggregate to feed the suggestions list instead of the input parameter list, and it should be ready to be used.

NOTE: At the moment the widget does not support selecting a suggestion using the keyboard (mouse-only functionality for now). The development team has this implementation next on the backlog for the widget.

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