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OutSystems.AI Core

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 21 September 2020 by 
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OutSystems.AI Core

OutSystems.AI Core supports the common features of all OutSystems.AI components in a single module, enabling them to be easy to use drag and drop experiences, and allows metric collection that will not affect the components performance.
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Key features

  • Supports and optimizes all OutSystems.AI components by centralizing common features among them in a single module.

  • Allows OutSystems.AI to collect metrics that’ll be used to improve and build more suitable components, delivering value where needed.

This information complies with GDPR, as no user information is being collected. OutSystems.AI Core will collect: Publish Events, Timestamps, Activation Codes, Application GUID, Environment GUID and Environment Purposes (development or production).

This information will be handled internally in order to support decisions in further product developments. Metric collection can be disabled by setting the site property "AllowTelemetry" to false.

Known limitations

  • Requires platform version 11.0.606.0 or later to install.
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