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Significant Change Location Plugin

Stable version 5.0.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Significant Change Location Plugin

Tracking mobile applications iOS and Android in Background and Foreground without drain battery from device.
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This plugin allow tracking a mobile application in Foreground and Background. Is the most powerful system to tracking devices without draining battery . It is Available for iOS and Android.

It is possible save the latitude and longitude of the device in various ways:

  • DataBase;
  • URL End Point;

The plugin records the location of the device based on configuration set. 

The plugin will automatically turn off location-services to conserve battery. 

Help File:

What’s new (5.0.2)

Compatibility with MABS 8.0.

Updated Google Services versions.

Compatibility with AndroidX.

Updated action descriptions

Compatibility with the new Firebase Plugins developed by Outsystems.

Reviews (1)
13 Feb
in version 4.0.1
There is no dashboard page as shown in the screenshots. So you have to create your own with some links to the blocks provided. And there is no demo version.
Parameters do not seem to have any effect on the app. Updates occur whenever the phone detects movement.