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Stable version 1.2.12 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 16 Nov (2 weeks ago) by 
 (6 ratings)


Dropdown Search and Multiselect widget with lazy loading that allows delay the loading of a search result until the point at which it is really needed. This component will allow the user to insert a list of items that can be searched and as the user scrolls down new items are added to this component.
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The benefits of lazy loading include: reduced initial load time, bandwidth conservation, system resource conservation.

  • Includes:
    • Lazy Dropdown
    • Lazy DropdownTags (Multi Select)
Release notes (1.2.12)
  • Improvements and refactor
  • Updated the dependencies for Outsystems UI 2.18.0
License (1.2.12)
Reviews (2)
by D30
24 Nov (9 days ago)
in version 1.2.12
Hope you received my message relates to weird behavior it duplicates the list when data comes from a dataAction and not on an aggregate from the screen page
17 Aug
in version 1.2.11
Works perfect.