SEO Utils on Steroids

Stable Version 1.0.1 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 14 October 2020 by 
Created on 13 October 2020

SEO Utils on Steroids

Make your URLs user-friendly and optimize your pages to rank higher on search engines like Google
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Optimize your pages SEO by:

  • Creating SEO friendly URLs (includes site rules which did not exist on SEO Utils)
  • Create URL slugs by cleaning your arguments for URL
  • Add SEO metadata to your screens that will allow and instruct crawlers on how to index your page and prepare your pages to be shared on Social Media with Open Graph metadata (available both client and server side for Reactive and Traditional Web applications, respectively).
What’s new (1.0.1)

This version includes the following changes:

  1. Metadata parameters are now optional, you can choose to set only a few (both for client side and server side version);
  2. Actions to add metadata tags include now cannonical link (both for client side and server side version);
  3. Descriptions included in Invalidate Cache web service;
  4. Web service online documentation disabled (no link available online).

There are no breaking changes.

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