Azure Storage Account - Blob

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Azure Storage Account - Blob

This is an implementation of the latest Azure Storage SDK. It supports a wide variety of features with the most notable the Append option and the Pagination option. This component currently supports the most used capabilities of the Azure Storage SDK and more will be added in the near future. To use the demo you need to have an Azure Storage Account with its Connection String available. The demo shows you how to use most features of the component. Please use this as a guideline for creating your own applications.
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The following actions are available.

  • AppendBlobToBlob
  • AppendBlobToBlobViaSASUrl
  • CreateContainer
  • DeleteBlob
  • DeleteContainer
  • DownloadBlob
  • GetURLForBlobWithSASToken
  • ListBlobs
  • ListBlobsPageable
  • ListContainers
  • ListContainersPageable
  • UploadBlob
  • UploadBlobAsText

The following Structures are available

  • BlobItem
  • ContainerItem
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