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ResumableJS Core - Azure Storage Account

Stable version 1.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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ResumableJS Core - Azure Storage Account

The receiving part of ResumableJS. This contains the database, the needed REST APIs and the logic store retrieve the received files. This implementation uses an Azure Storage Account to store the individual chunks.
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ResumableJS Core - Azure Storage Account is the counter part of ResumableJS Core with the main difference being that the files and chunks are not stored in the database but in an Azure Storage Account. This will help you keep the costs down since database capacity is more expensive by default but it will also protect your database from unwanted growth and possible outages. 

This component supports to following situations;

  • Separation of the Storage Accounts for uploading the chunks and the stitched file
  • Separation of the Container of the uploaded chunks and the stitched file
  • Separation of folder of the chunks and the stitched file
  • Automatic stitching of a completed upload

All these settings are configured via Site Properties


The demo that is attached will show you how to implement this component. This includes; 

  • Uploading the file
  • Getting information about the upload in progress
  • Getting information about the Stitching of the file after it is completed (can be automated via a Site Property, a requirement for the Demo) 
  • Downloading of the stitched file via a SAS key

The demo is not available via the Try Now feature because the connection string is set in the Site Properties of this component.

Read the Documentation on how set this component up for proper use.

Release notes (1.0.1)


  • Fixed a check during the GET of the /incoming REST to include the IsStored property to better support resumablity
  • Added extra checks during the creation of the different database entities
  • Added extra checks during storing the blob to make sure we don't try to overwrite a blob (which is not allowed).
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