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Google Authenticator

Stable version 1.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
Uploaded on 03 November 2020 by 
Marcelo Ferreira
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Google Authenticator

API to allow you to generate and validate codes for use with Google Authenticator.
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Implementation of the Multi Factor Authentication algorithm used by Google Authenticator. More information in Google's GitHub Repository.

This allows you to:

  1. Generate secrets so your users can have MFA on your OutSystems Application
  2. Validate codes so you can verify a user is who he says he is

Thanks to João Rosado for the original code for this in .NET .

Release notes (1.0.1)
  • Demo included with UX improvements
  • Try Now available
Reviews (1)
in version 1.0.1
Great tool except for the TOTP_Validate server action, which needs to use GMT time instead of local time.