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Iframe Interaction

Stable version 1.0.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Published on 29 Mar by 
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Iframe Interaction

Tool box for Iframe Interaction through cross-document messaging
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Provides Web Block Listeners and Actions with JS Event Dispatchers to build custom events to communicate between iframes and parent windows. 


-Send custom events with/without JSON to an Iframe using the Action  DispatchParentEvent, through the Iframe's Id or container Id (in the cases you can't interact directly with the iframe id);

-Send custom events with/without JSON to the Parent Window using the Action DispatchIframeEvent;  

-Receive in the Parent Window or Iframe using custom Web Block Listeners that can click in a widget and save inputted data in another widget;

What’s new (1.0.2)

-Added alternative postMessage implementation for cross domain;

-Sanitized all dispatchers with VerifyJavascriptLiteral for the Json variable;

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