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OutSystems Data Grid

Stable version 2.12.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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OutSystems Data Grid

View, explore, and edit large amounts of data in a familiar spreadsheet interface with the OutSystems Data Grid component for Reactive Web apps.
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Use the Data Grid to create enterprise-grade interfaces that are more suitable and time-effective than designing a custom solution every time you need to manipulate dense datasets.  

Key features 

  • Built for Reactive Web apps 
  • Data selection and editing in a familiar interface 
  • Data sorting by parameter 
  • Data grouping 
  • Virtual Scrolling 

To access a sample version of OutSystems Data Grid, you can download the OutSystems Data Grid Sample from Forge and launch it in Service Studio. We're continually improving this solution and adding more features. To help us cover more specific and complex scenarios, let us know what you'd like to see in this component's support tab.

Please check the tutorial OutSystems Data Grid in less than 4 minutes.

Release notes (2.12.1)

What's New:

  • ROU-3748 - Created a new client action called SetNumberAggregateConditionalFormatting to allow conditional formatting rules to be applied to a Number/Currency columns aggregated.

  • ROU-4329 - Now, is possible to save and load the state of a Grid with frozen columns using the SetViewLayout and GetViewLayout client actions.

  • ROU-3901 - Updated Wijmo library to version 5.20231.888 (2023 v1).
    Now, the OutSystems Data Grid has a new supported language French-Canada (fr-CA).

Fixed Issues and Improvements:

  • ROU-4460 - Fixed an issue that caused the GroupColumn to raise an error when IsCollapsed started as true. This occurred due to a breaking change introduced by Wijmo library version 5.20231.888 (2023 v1).

  • ROU-3812 - Fixed an issue that caused the GetSelectedRowsData action to not return the correct value when using a column filter. This occurred when getting the GetSelectedRowsData result after selecting all the cells in the Grid using the Ctrl+A key and then adding a column filter.
    Now, the GetSelectedRowsData returns the correct data considering the filter applied.

  • ROU-3978 - Fixed an issue that caused the GetChangedLines client action to detect a changed line when no change was performed.
    This occurred when, in an empty row, the user started editing an empty cell and then finish editing it without performing any changes.

  • ROU-4320 - Fixed an issue that caused the SetRowAsSelected client action to not select the rows properly. This occurred when the SetRowAsSelected client action was used in a Grid with Row Checkboxes.
    Now, the SetRowAsSelected client action can be used for both Grids with and without Row Checkboxes.

  • ROU-4335 - Fixed an issue that caused the Data Grid to log an error in the Developer's Tools console.
    This occurred when hovering the Data Grid row that had aggregated values and when a filter was applied letting the Grid empty.

  • ROU-4340 - Improved the client action ClearFilter to trigger the OnFiltersChange event so that it’s consistent with the other filter APIs.

  • ROU-4344 - Fixed an issue on the Action Column that was causing the cells to be marked as dirty when the text coming from another column is edited.
    Now, when the text is edited, the action columns will not be marked as dirty.

  • ROU-4350 - Fixed an issue that caused the OnMenuToggle event from the ContextMenu block to return the block identifier instead of the (internal) uniqueId.

  • ROU-4367 - Fixed an issue that caused the SetCurrentPage client action to throw an error in a success scenario.
    This occurred when SetCurrentPage was being called successfully but the consumer was implementing logic depending on the success value of the return since the functionality itself was working as expected.

  • ROU-4373 - Changed the way translation files are loaded. The translation files present in the module OutSystemsDataGrid_Resources were moved into the OutSystemsDataGrid module, and are now loaded from there. No action is required from the consumer.
    The OutSystemsDataGrid_Resources is no longer in use and will be removed in a future release.

  • ROU-4377 - Fixed an issue on the GetChangesInGrid API that was returning the internal object __osRowMetadata when returning lines with Errors.

  • ROU-4386 - Fixed an issue that caused the ContextMenu to trigger the OnMenuToggle event twice when opening.

  • ROU-4388 - Improved the Grid’s Row and Column header's accessibility.
    Now, it is possible to focus on Row and Column headers using the keyboard.

  • ROU-4406 - Fixed an issue that caused the ApplyRowValidation client action not to apply the correct validation for Group columns.
    This occurred when a new row was added to the Grid with mandatory columns in the Group Column and the ApplyRowValidation client action was called.
    Fixed an issue that caused the ApplyRowValidation client action to incorrectly invalidate Group Rows.
    This occurred when a column was added to the Grid’s Group Panel and the ApplyRowValidation client action was called for the Group Row.

  • ROU-4413 / RPM-4152 - Fixed an issue that caused the Context Menu to start getting duplicated Menu Items. This occurred when an auto-generated Data Grid got the associated data source refreshed after filtering it.

  • ROU-4429 - Fixed an issue that caused the client actions FilterByCondition and FilterByValue to not work as expected when used on a CheckboxColumn.
    This occurred when the client actions FilterByCondition or FilterByValue were used to filter a CheckboxColumn based on a boolean value.

  • ROU-4304 - Fixed an issue that caused empty text values not to be mapped when using a Dropdown Column. This occurred when the DropdownOptionList of Dropdown Columns contained an empty value to be mapped to a specific label.
    Fixed an issue that caused empty text values not to be returned in Data client actions (GetRowData, GetChangedLines, etc).
    This occurred when the Grid data source contained empty text values.
    Now, the text values are returned as empty strings in these Data client actions.

  • ROU-4414 - Fixed an issue that caused the Data Grid’s OnInitialize event to be triggered every time the data source was refreshed (due to server-side filter or sort, for example) in autogenerated Grids.
    Now, the Data Grid’s OnInitialize event is triggered only when the data source changes (new columns are added, for example).

⚠ This new OutSystems Data Grid version introduces a breaking change

  • Now, the client action ClearFilter will trigger the OnFiltersChange event so that it’s consistent with the other filter APIs.

ℹ Information

  • The module OutSystemsDataGrid_Resources will be removed from the OutSystems Data Grid application in the next release (2.13.0) since the language resources were moved to OutSystemsDataGrid.
    No action is required, this should have no impact on the consumer applications.

License (2.12.1)
Reviews (7)
1 Feb
in version 2.10.0
Fantastically useful. Does come at a cost though, you can't drop and drag any UI components/widgets like you can with the normal table.
in version 2.9.0
A very nice component, but at the cost of _21_ Application Objects (it has 21 static entities inside it) it comes at a very high cost for fairly rudimental functionality that should be part of the core. Should de redesigned to use much less AOs. Ability to customize the fields in the grid is somewhat limited.
in version 2.8.0
Awesome at first sight!