Data Grid Reactive

Stable Version 2.3.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Data Grid Reactive

View, explore, and edit large amounts of data in a familiar spreadsheet interface with the Data Grid component for Reactive Web apps.
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Use the Data Grid to create enterprise-grade interfaces that are more suitable and time-effective than designing a custom solution every time you need to manipulate dense datasets.  

Key features 

  • Built for Reactive Web apps 
  • Data selection and editing in a familiar interface 
  • Data sorting by parameter 
  • Data grouping 
  • Virtual Scrolling 

To access a sample version of Data Grid, you can download the Data Grid Sample from Forge and launch it in Service Studio.  We're continually improving this solution and adding more features. To help us cover more specific and complex scenarios, let us know what you'd like to see in this component's support tab. 

Please check the tutorial Data Grid Reactive in less than 4 minutes.

What’s new (2.3.1)

Added functionalities

  • New GridAPI method to return the list of IDs of every list in the screen

Fixed issues

  • Fixed bug in GetChangedLines that, in some cases, was retrieving the same rows in AddedLines and EditedLines - kudos to @Daniel Figueira for spotting and reporting it

Reviews (1)
16 Jul (8 days ago)
in version 2.3.1
Very well designed forge component for data viewing. Constatly updated and fixing any bugs that the community finds. Active devs who answer any questions. Highly recommend
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