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OutSystems Data Grid

Stable version 2.9.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 26 Aug by 
 (26 ratings)

OutSystems Data Grid

View, explore, and edit large amounts of data in a familiar spreadsheet interface with the OutSystems Data Grid component for Reactive Web apps.
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Use the Data Grid to create enterprise-grade interfaces that are more suitable and time-effective than designing a custom solution every time you need to manipulate dense datasets.  

Key features 

  • Built for Reactive Web apps 
  • Data selection and editing in a familiar interface 
  • Data sorting by parameter 
  • Data grouping 
  • Virtual Scrolling 

To access a sample version of OutSystems Data Grid, you can download the OutSystems Data Grid Sample from Forge and launch it in Service Studio.  We're continually improving this solution and adding more features. To help us cover more specific and complex scenarios, let us know what you'd like to see in this component's support tab. 

Please check the tutorial OutSystems Data Grid in less than 4 minutes.

What’s new (2.9.0)

What's New:

  • ROU-3513 - Created the ToggleRowDragging client action to allow the grid rows to be dragged and reordered.
  • ROU-3516 - Now, column blocks expose the OnColumnReorder event that is fired after the column has been reordered.
  • ROU-3535 - Created the GetColumnsOrder client action to return all columns order.
  • ROU-3558 - Now, there is a new Grid event block called OnColumnPickerChange that listens to the events of hiding/showing columns of a given grid through the ColumnPicker.
  • ROU-3612 - Added a new output parameter to the AddRows client action to return the row number of the added rows. Like in all other operations using this method, the logic is only applied to the current page view.

Fixed Issues and Improvements:

  • ROU-3076 - The namespace for OutSystems Data Grid was updated.
  • The public API previously used is still available and working, however, a warning is issued so that developers can switch from the old signature to the new.
  • ROU-3520 - Fixed an issue that prevented calculated columns with similar names from working correctly.
  • ROU-3528 - Updated all APIs to use the new response structure.
  • ROU-3536 - Fixed an issue that caused the dropdown’s column cell change event to return the ID instead of the label.
    • This can have a potential impact on the logic that already exists so should be validated before any updates.
  • ROU-3538 - Fixed an issue that caused the OnInitialize event to trigger incorrectly on Grids in terms of its lifecycle.
  • ROU-3592 - Fixed an issue that caused GetChangedLines to return two edited rows when only one was added.
  • ROU-3594/ROU-3593/ROU-3595 - Fixed an issue when trying to open the ContextMenu in an empty space without rows.
    Now it is also possible to open the ContextMenu when right-clicking an empty message when the Grid has no results to show.
  • ROU-3605 - Improved performance on some internal methods when adding or validating rows.
  • ROU-3607 - Fixed SetColumnVisibility that was not working as expected when CanBeHidden and Visible is False.
  • ROU-3646 - Fixed an issue where we returned row's dataItem as an array instead of an object (e.g. GetSelectedRowsData).
  • ROU-3660 - Fixed an issue that caused an error when right-clicking the column picker.
  • ROU-3667 - Fixed an issue with changing column properties in runtime that caused columns with the conditional format to break.
  • ROU-3674 - Fixed an issue that prevented new rows from being added to a page that already has the maximum amount of rows displayed on the client side.
  • ROU-3682 - Updated Wijmo's culture resources to version 5.20221.842.

Breaking Changes:

  • This version will cause a soft breaking change since the consumers need to have the references refreshed because of the following changes:
    • OnCellValueChange event has new outputs.
    • AddNewRows client action has a new output parameter.
  • A bug was fixed on Dropdown Columns that were returning text instead of the value on the OnCellValueChange event. This fix introduces a breaking change since we changed the returned value of the event.

Reviews (6)
31 Aug
in version 2.9.0
A very nice component, but at the cost of _21_ Application Objects (it has 21 static entities inside it) it comes at a very high cost for fairly rudimental functionality that should be part of the core. Should de redesigned to use much less AOs. Ability to customize the fields in the grid is somewhat limited.
8 Aug
in version 2.8.0
Awesome at first sight!
30 Mar
in version 2.6.2
This component is not for trial lisence?