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OutSystems Data Grid

Stable version 2.11.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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OutSystems Data Grid

View, explore, and edit large amounts of data in a familiar spreadsheet interface with the OutSystems Data Grid component for Reactive Web apps.
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Use the Data Grid to create enterprise-grade interfaces that are more suitable and time-effective than designing a custom solution every time you need to manipulate dense datasets.  

Key features 

  • Built for Reactive Web apps 
  • Data selection and editing in a familiar interface 
  • Data sorting by parameter 
  • Data grouping 
  • Virtual Scrolling 

To access a sample version of OutSystems Data Grid, you can download the OutSystems Data Grid Sample from Forge and launch it in Service Studio. We're continually improving this solution and adding more features. To help us cover more specific and complex scenarios, let us know what you'd like to see in this component's support tab. 

Please check the tutorial OutSystems Data Grid in less than 4 minutes.

Release notes (2.11.0)

What's New:

  • ROU-4181 - Now, the ActionColumn block has support for two element types - Links and Buttons.
  • ROU-4186 - Now, is possible to use the new OnCellClick block to handle cell click events in the Data Grid.

Fixed Issues and Improvements:

  • ROU-3808 - Now, in order to have consistency in internal error handling we normalized the OutSystems DataGrid APIs.
  • ROU-4077 / RPM-3210 - Improved the accessibility on the Grid by changing the default navigation behaviour. Now, It's possible to use the arrow keys to navigate between cells and the Tab key to navigate in and out of the Grid.
  • ROU-4150 - Fixed an issue that caused the column’s header tooltip to display the wrong content.
    This occurred when the HeaderTooltip parameter and the Column Name were the same.
    Now, it's possible to add a custom header tooltip by adding the container Id that contains the custom content to the HeaderTooltip parameter.
    For more information, please refer to the OutSystems Data Grid Sample page.
  • ROU-4152 / RPM-2941 - Fixed an issue that caused the client action MarkChangesAsSavedByKey to return a row not found error. This occurred when the key binding was a text column where the values had blank spaces.
  • ROU-4200 / RPM-3859 - Fixed an issue that caused the Grid to show an error tooltip when the cell value was valid. This occurred when a cell value was invalid and then changed to a valid value.
  • ROU-4205 / RPM-3824 - Fixed an issue that caused Data Grid to perform the undo action in the wrong data.
    This occurred when a server-side search was performed, then the provided DataSource was updated and the Data Grid no longer had access to the data that was filtered. In this way, the Data Grid loses reference to the previous data and the undo action is performed on the wrong data.
    Now, for server-side search, the undo stack is cleared after the data source update.
  • ROU-4207 - Fixed an issue that caused all the tooltips to be displayed with a red background when the cells were not invalid.
    This occurred when an invalid cell was edited to a valid value, then all the other tooltips were displayed as error tooltips (with a red background).
  • ROU-4230 - Fixed an issue where Data Grid cells wouldn't exit editing mode when the Escape key was pressed once.
    This occurred if the Escape key was pressed before the user finished editing the cell.
    There’s a known issue that occurs when the Escape key is pressed twice under the same circumstances.

⚠ This new OutSystems Data Grid version introduces one breaking changes

  • Now, the ActionColumn block has a new optional input parameter called “ElementsType”, so consumers will need to have their references refreshed.
    For backward compatibility, the default value is “Link“, so no code needs to be changed.
License (2.11.0)
Reviews (7)
1 Feb
in version 2.10.0
Fantastically useful. Does come at a cost though, you can't drop and drag any UI components/widgets like you can with the normal table.
in version 2.9.0
A very nice component, but at the cost of _21_ Application Objects (it has 21 static entities inside it) it comes at a very high cost for fairly rudimental functionality that should be part of the core. Should de redesigned to use much less AOs. Ability to customize the fields in the grid is somewhat limited.
in version 2.8.0
Awesome at first sight!