Asset Management & Planning System

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Asset Management & Planning System

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The Asset Management & Planning System (AMPS) is a flexible enterprise asset management and logistics solution. It keeps track of assets and by allocating resources appropriately, enhancing productivity while minimizing operational and lifecycle costs. Its unique deploy ability supports organizations where assets are globally spread.
Key benefits
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End user device independent experience

Maximizes user uptake and productivity

Delivering highest quality asset information to drive asset performance

Software as a Service

Technology independent

Easy integration with ERP and PLM systems

Problems Addressed / Key Features
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Flexible, cross industry enterprise asset management and logistics solution.

Manages assets, allocates resources appropriately, automated maintenance triggering to enhance productivity and minimize operational and lifecycle costs.

Unique deployability where service organizations or large assets are globally spread, deployed and mobile without a fixed location or where IT  infrastructure is unreliable and operations have to be offline.

Suitable to improve a vendor’s own service activities but also to be sold with their products to create new business.

Technical Details
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State of the at platformed: Rapid delivery platform, Agile SDLC methodology and framework.

Provide option for ‘On Premise’, ‘SaaS’ or ‘Hybrid’ (combination of On Premise & SaaS).

Access on multitude of devices and technology.

Scalable and safe.

Easy to integrate with legacy or corporate systems.

HTML5 compliant.

Compliant to ISO 55000 & 55001.

▶Big data ready.

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