Full Screen Ajax Wait
Stable Version 2.0.0 (O10)
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Published on 19 July 2018 by 
Created on 09 October 2015
Ajax Wait replacer with Full Screen background to prevent clicks in the application while the Ajax request is executing
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Ever wanted to prevent users from clicking in the application when an Ajax request is executing?

This is a simple solution for that problem.

Using the existing OutSystems model for the Ajax Wait, just reworked some styles and included additional options to add more flexibility to the widget. You can use a site like http://www.ajaxload.info to create some new images to use.

Added a very simple Sleep action with code for both .NET and Java stacks.

DISCLAIMER: ***Sleep not tested in a Java environment, since currently I don't have access to one***

What’s new (2.0.0)

Refactored the component to use the Silk UI underlying component (if it's instantiated already) or create the needed structure if it's not

Should work in all out of the box themes and with modified layouts, or even no specific layout.

Check the demo page for some examples

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