Stable Version 1.2.2 (O11)
Also available for 9.1
Published on 15 Jan by 
Clickable Table Team
Clickable Table Team
Created on 24 May 2016
Enables you to build a view only Table in which actions show up on click in a similar style to the Platform's Editable Table.
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Enables you to build a view only Table in which actions show up on click in a similar style to the Platform's Editable Table.

It should be directly reusable as it is structured in a core module and a sample.

The instructions for using it are
  1. Add reference to clickableTableBlock in ClickableTable eSpace
  2. Add weblock to the page where you want the clickable table (inside the same refresh area if using ajax refresh for it)
  3. In the table, set the style to ClickableTable and add your actions to the last columns (it will not be visible in runtime)
  4. Publish and test

If needed add the class StopPropagation to any link inside the table to avoid the clickable table effect and navigate to a different screen or action directly.

What’s new (1.2.2)

- Updated to OutSystems 11 and the new OutSystems UI

- Fixed an issue that generated in some situations duplicated clicks on the actions

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