OpenTok Connector
Stable Version 1.0.1
Published on 15 June 2016 by 
Created on 06 June 2016
OpenTok Connector allows your OutSystems Applications to use OpenTok API to publish video stream by WebRTC. This module has a few REST API services and the Token Generator from OpenTok SDK DLL
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OpenTok is a Video Call API platform (js) using WebRTC. 

You can try for a month for free. 
(You need to put a valid API Key and API Secret in OpenTok_SDK site properties to work)

In this module I build a few functions and REST services for:
  • Create Session (REST)
  • Generate Token (Extension)
  • Start Archive (for Manual Session's Archive Mode option) (REST)
  • Stop Archive (for Manual Session's Archive Mode option) (REST)
  • A REST service to receive as a Callback function from OpenTok, all recorded sessions info
You can build your own video call aplication with some components that it is included in an Example App:
  • PublishersContainer: All incoming video streaming inside the same container (OpenTok default; The first is your own webcam)
  • MyPublishContainer + OthersPublishContainer: Separated views for your own webcam and others
  • ArchiveRecordController: Manual start and stop record sessions
  • Chat: A simple realtime chat using Signaling from OpenTok.js library

More info about SDK and REST:
What’s new (1.0.1)
Removed Embed API Key and Secret from REST API Tests
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