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Published on 12 January 2010 by 
Created on 12 January 2010
Wrapper of the JQuery week calendar.
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Wrapper of the JQuery week calendar.
Provide URL to dinamically set calendar data feed. Provide Record List for static data feed
Calendar WebBlock events are notified to the screen and easily extended to provide the necessary data for server side persistence.
Sample contains example with custom calendar navigation and multiple data sources selection.
Sample also contains calendar event creation, edition and dragging.

Feature List
- Display of calendar events within a weekly grid
- Calendar events can be supplied as an array, url or function returning json
- Calendar events can be dragged, dropped and resized
- Lots of callbacks for customizing the way events are rendered plus callbacks for drag, drop, resize, mouseover, click etc
- Automatically scrolls to current time
- Extend the core calendar event data structure with your own data
- Highly configurable, enabling variable timeslots, readonly calendars, display of partial days, custom date formatting, direct manipulation of individual events for create, update, delete of events and much more.

System Requirements and Limitations
Agile Platform

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