Clean Architecture Tool

Stable Version 3.3.2 (O11)
Also available for 10, 9.1
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Created on 04 October 2016
Architecture and full Entity Relation Diagrams, based on selected applications. Follows the 4 layer principle. You can create special groups of applications to see an even better diagram
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Clean Architecture Tool got the following basic features:

Architecture Diagram.

Here you can see the architecture diagram colorized by the 4-layer principle.

Cyclic dependencies are shown with red edges!

Choose all applications or a group of applications.

Customize it by the settings.

Easily to see if you need to refactor!

Entity Relation Diagram

See the entities and their relations based on "all applications" or the groups.


Which applications should to be visible in the diagrams,

as well choosing the right layer for the modules


Create groups of applications if you have a big factory


Create latest snapshot of the environment, same how Discovery works.


How to visualize the architecture diagram

  • include/exclude extensions
  • group by layer/application/both
  • actually ignore the ignorable applications
  • combine edges to the app or show the actual edges
  • swap arrows in the edges 

Inspired by Discovery. It was lacking a certain view to spot the global context of all the modules/applications.

Hence I sought a way to create a "package"-diagram. Ended up with cytoscape with the dagre-plugin.

Big advantage is that you can move the nodes/edges to create a better view and you can zoom-in and zoom out!

What’s new (3.3.2)

Added icons to modules

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13 Mar (10 days ago)
in version 3.3.2
Great app that allows you to quickly understand the architecture of your applications in a graphical and more dynamical fashion.  Must have in the architect/tech lead/DM toolbox
in version 3.3.1
Greate application revire the architecture
Applications, Developer Tools, Reporting, UI & Widgets
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