Offline Data Sync Patterns

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Published on 17 November 2016 by 
Created on 17 November 2016
A collection of working samples for common data synchronization patterns between the database and local storage entities.
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See the documentation for a detailed description of each data synchronization pattern:

  • Read-Only Data

    Use this synchronization pattern when your users only need to read data while the app is offline and the amount of data to synchronize is small.

  • Read-Only Data Optimized

    Use this synchronization pattern when your users only need to read data while the app is offline and there are large amounts of data to synchronize.

  • Read/Write Data Last Write Wins

    Use this synchronization pattern when it is not likely for more than one user to change the same data while the app is offline.

  • Read/Write Data With Conflict Detection

    Use this synchronization pattern when for advanced scenarios where more than one user will change the same data while the app is offline.

  • Read/Write Data One-to-Many

    This data synchronization pattern is recommended for mobile apps with entities that follow a one-to-many relationship and where it is not likely for multiple end-users to change the same data while the apps are offline.

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