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Created on 11 January 2017
JQuery library used to reorder/drag table columns during runtime. Support for touch and click events. Based on: https://github.com/akottr/dragtable and https://github.com/sindu12jun/table-dragger
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This component can be easily configured to make any table records have sortable/draggable columns. 

This is very useful for allowing your users to be able to configure the layout of any table exactly how they want it to be. 

The component will notify back on every drag with the order of the columns, so that you can save the order per session, or if you want, in the database so the user's tables will always be displayed how they last configured it.

Check out the demo page included with the component to see a couple different configuration.

If you have any questions about this component, or any suggestions, please post in the components forum and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

What’s new (2.0.0)

Breaking Change: Instead of using Deprecated_NotifyGetMessage() to retrieve the ColumnOrder string, the ColumnOrder string is now an input parameter to the ColumnsReordered Event. The parameter is named 'ColumnOrder''. Pass this into your screen action to retrieve the column order value.

Other Notes:

Deprecated the use of :

  • FakeNotifyWidget
  • Deprecated_Notify
  • Deprecated_NotifyGetMessage

Now uses web block events and calls event directly from JS.

Added additional 'IsDesktop' function call from OutSystemsUIWeb to support any new development with templates.

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