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Toast Plugin Team
Toast Plugin Team
Created on 20 January 2017
This plugin allows you to show a native Toast (a little text popup) on iOS and Android.
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This plugin allows you to show a native Toast (a little text popup) on iOS and Android. It's great for showing a non intrusive native notification which is guaranteed always in the viewport of the browser.

  • You can choose where to show the Toast: at the top, center or bottom of the screen.
  • You can choose two durations: short (approx. 2 seconds), or long (approx. 5 seconds), after which the Toast automatically disappears.

Based on this cordova plugin, it supports both iOS (min. version 6) and Android.

What’s new (2.0.0)

Moved from Module to Application Package

Changed the github repo reference to prevent possible code breaking with new commits.

The ShowToast is now deprecated, and new actions have been added.

New APIs:

  • show()
  • hide()
  • showShortTop()
  • showShortCenter()
  • showShortBottom()
  • showLongTop()
  • showLongCenter()
  • showLongBottom()
  • showWithOptions()
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