Google Maps OpenStreetMap
Stable Version 1.0.2
Published on 23 March 2017 by 
Created on 20 March 2017
OpenStreetMap MapType Plugin for Google Maps Component...
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OpenStreetMap MapType Plugin for Google Map Component

Require Google Map Component...

OpenStreetMap have more contrast and looks just like a paper map...

Google Map have more details, but if you want a fresh looking and different map, this one is for you...

This is not a complete map replacement to OpenStreetMap!

We're still using Google Maps JS API through Google Maps Component, only the map tile is using OpenStreetMap.

How to use it:

1. Add dependency: Google Map and Google Map OpenStreetMap

2. Add usual Map from Google Map Component

3. Add GMap_OSM_Flow\OpenStreetMap_MapType webblock below the Map webblock.

4. Assign input parameter: MapId

5. Set MapOptions in Map component to:

    mapTypeId: 'OpenStreetMap',
    mapTypeControl: false

mapTypeControl is disabled because when you click Map Control, mapTypeId will be reverted to Google Map's own 'roadmap'.

Note: max zoom is locked to 19 when using OpenStreetMap MapType

What’s new (1.0.2)

Update OpenStreetMap_Sample screen to include MapType and Address control...

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