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Created on 01 October 2017
TenantSwitch is an application to easily switch between tenants without having to create a user manager per tenant.
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If you are thinking of your software distribution model to be Software as a service (SaaS), this tenant switch can be an accelerator.

TenantSwitch is an application to easily switch between tenants without having to create a user manager per tenant.

This application was designed to work together with 'Service Center' and 'Users'. The Service Center to manage tenants and the Users to manage users and roles.

The TenantSwitch will only be available for users with user manager role and there is a difference between the user managers of the default tenant and the other tenants user managers.

  • The user manager of the default tenant can automatically grant permissions to all tenants by default. If you want to disable the grant permissions button set to false the site property 'ManagedByDefaultTenantUser' in the correspondent Tenant.
  • The other user managers (not default tenant user manager) can easily switch between tenants, but can't grant permissions to other tenants.
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