REST Extender

This library allows you to read and manipulate the values in the Response and Request of a REST API.

Designed to be used in the OnBeforeRequestAdvanced and OnAfterResponseAdvanced callback methods of a consumed REST API.

Following functions are available:

  • OnAfterResponseAdvanced
    • GetAllCookies
      • Returns a list of all the cookies in the current response
    • GetCookieByName
      • Return a specific cookie, identified by a name, from the current response
  • OnBeforeRequestAdvanced
    • SetCookies
      • Pass in a list of cookies to set before sending the request to the consumed API
    • SetContentType
      • Default content type set by OutSystems is "application/json; charset=UTF-8"
      • This function allows you to explicitly set the content type, i.e. "application/json"


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