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Allow a mobile app to accurately detect if it's online or offline.
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Allow a mobile app to accurately detect if it's online or offline, even if it's connected to a WIFI network with no connectivity. Includes block that triggers several events related with the app's connectivity, that can automatically grab ajax requests made while the connection is down and remakes them after the connection is restored, and simple client side logic to validate connectivity status.

Completely based on Javascript (offline.js) and with no external dependencies, SilkUI is only for the Demo app.

Detail of existing triggered events:

  • Checking - Whenever we are testing the connection
  • ConfirmedOffline - A connection test has failed, fired even if the connection was already offline
  • ConfirmedOnline - A connection test has succeeded, fired even if the connection was already online
  • Offline - The connection has gone from online to offline
  • Online- The connection has gone from offline to online
  • RequestsCapture - A new request is being held (if RemakeRequests flag is set to true)
  • RequestsFlush - Any pending requests have been remade (if RemakeRequests flag is set to true)

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