HTTPS Consumer
Stable Version 2.0.0
Published on 22 May by 
Created on 13 Apr
This application serves to demonstrate how to consume internal web services using client SSL certificates to authenticate web requests. This is useful to overcome the limitation of the default feature of OutSystems built in function to consume web services.
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This component allows overcoming the limitations of OutSystems platform in consuming internal web services when using the built-in function of SOAP and REST APIs in OutSystems Platform. 

  • It allows also to force the usage of TLS 1.1 or 1.2 versions. 
  • It works for both PaaS and On-Premises environments 
  • For PaaS environments, the client certificate must be provided to OutSystems Support to place under a valid path.
What’s new (2.0.0)

Improvements were made on how the values are passed into the parameters.

Included a new action to add in the OnBeforeRequestAdvanced of the built-in functions of OutSystems REST APIs to allow adding the client certificate and choose the TLS version before making the web request call.

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