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Published on 16 Apr by 
Babel S.I.
Babel S.I.
Created on 16 Apr
This application simplifies calls to your own elastic search endpoint. You simply send the serialized query as if it were done from any rest services manager.
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The core allows to perform any Crud operation in a fast way, you simply have to assign your credentials to the properties of the core.

Thanks to the fact that the core receives a JSON, you do not need to define the type of objects that you generate, being able to create indices establishing any allowed property.

The core allows you to create dynamic objects and perform any search set by Elastic Search under your _search property on those objects.

The functionalities are the following:
- Indices:
  - Create index with any type of configuration.
  - Remove index.
- Records:
  - Insert record.
  - Update record.
  - Delete Record.
  - Obtain registration by Id.
  - Get registration through query.
  - Bulk Load.
- Authentication:
  - Create authentication.
  - Clear authentication.

This core has been designed from the project created by OutSystems Labs that is also found in the forge.

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