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Stable Version 0.9.5 (OutSystems 10)
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Created on 17 April 2018
Convert Docx to PDF. An OutSystems Client for
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Convert Docx to PDF.

This is an OutSystems Client (.xif extension) to use the Converter API from:

Connect on RapidAPI

Get your API Key here:

Main features:

  1. Absolutely 100% free service (10 calls/day) Check Plans here.
  2. No need to have MS Word on your Server
  3. Produced PDF 100% matches your MS Word document
  4. High quality PDF
  5. Pictures are not lost
  6. MS Word documents in all languages are supported

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What’s new (0.9.5)

Added demo.

Due to excessive calls, now the API is managed by RapidAPI. You can get an API Key here.

From February 28th the existing API Keys (the one that you're using right now) will be deactivated, and you no longer will be able to continue conversions with that key. In order to continue using the service, please go and subscribe for a new API Key here and update either the Client connector or your API Endpoints.

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