SimFin Connector
Stable Version 1.0.0 (OutSystems 10)
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Created on 26 August 2018
Outsystems Connector to the SimFin API. SimFin is a service which aims to make fundamental financial data freely available to private investors, researchers and students. Based on
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SimFin Connector exposes the following SimFin API operations:

  • Find SimFin ID by ticker
  • Find SimFin ID by company name
  • Get list of all entities in SimFin database
  • General company data by Simfin ID
  • Get list of all available statements for company
  • Get statement data as reported by the company (not standardised)
  • Get statement data in a standardised format
  • Get TTM financial ratios of company
  • Get aggregated shares outstanding figures for company
  • Get share price data for company
  • Get list of all available share classes
  • Return shares outstanding for share class
  • Return price data of share class

For more information regarding these operations, please go to SimFin API Documentation.

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