SAML Platform Authentication

Lifetime IdP Client module is a platform identity provider (IdP) client. It allows your OutSystems Platform applications such as Service Studio, Integration Studio, Service Center and Lifetime to integrate with most of the commercial IdP companies that support SAML 2.0 protocol for authentication purposes.
With this integration when the OutSystems Platform users access the SAML Authentication module, they are redirected to a web page (known as the enterprise's login manager) where they are prompted to enter their enterprise username and password. Upon verification of the user’s credentials, the user is redirected back to the SAML Authentication module. The platform user is logged in, and a token is generated and presented on the screen so it can be used to access Service Studio, Integration Studio, Service Center and Lifetime.
This component works in conjunction with the SAML Platform Authentication Plugin application also in the OutSystems Forge.
For more information refer to the documentation in the SAML Platform Authentication application, more specifically on the Lifetime IdP Client module at http://LIFETIME_SERVER/LifetimeIdPClient