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Created on 04 January 2014
Images take so much space in database! Why not save them to disk?
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This is a basic component to upload images directly to disk. I was doing it inside a specific application, but today decided to push it aside because it can be handy for other things.

Comments are welcome.

Feature List
  • Public webblock uploads images to disk.
  • Any user can create tags while uploading. Tags are removable.
  • Espace allows authorized users to manage image types and edit image information.
  • To distribute load, images are stored into random folders of the specified location.
  • Images are returned as suggested here.

Main Benefits
  • To everyone with Community Edition who face limited database size and aren't worried with performance

  • Read file metadata to detect width and height (alternative: open image in browser, jquery dimensions and save them in DB)
  • Return image with specific dimensions (needs previous point)
  • Default image for "not found"
  • Java Stack compatible (change paths)
  • Limit file size and control space in disk.
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User's Manual

  1. Define some Image Types (Drawings, Vacations, Family Pictures,...)
  2. Go to Images and start uploading.
  3. Try webblock in different Espaces.
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