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Created on 28 January 2014
The JavaScript V3 API is a lightweight, full-featured, highly configurable, high performance,cross-device HTML5-compliant framework for building state-of-the-art LBS applications.
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Hi guys,
Our company uses MapIt-DeCarta Maps instead of google maps. So I would like to share with you this simple Library so that you can create your own maps.
There are a couple of steps involved so please bear with me.
1)     You need to create a mapIt account to be able to use the maps and download the API.
·         It’s free, so don’t be discouraged.
2)     After registering go to your account and click on “Map Test”

3)     You will need this username and password in the following section:
·         This will allow the server to authenticate your username and password and load the map tiles.
Now, let me explain how all this works.
1)     The Javascript/Images/css (basically the whole API) has been added to the eSpace as separate Web Flows.

·         The reason for this is because it is a relatively big API and if you add it all under one flow it will become very confusing.
2)     Inside each Web Flow is a group of web blocks. These web blocks contain the corresponding .js and css
·         Alternatively you can add these as resources. We are not doing this because the scripts and styles will change from time to time. It just makes it easier to change later on.
3)     Inside each Web Block we will either have some Javascript or Css.


4)     The next step will be to add all these web blocks into a usable library web block:

·         This will be used to reference the required Javascript and css
5)     Finally we will create a separate web block that will hold the library, expression as well as a div in which the map will be initialized.
·         Map Container: Holds the style that will be responsible for the width and height of the mapContainer
·         Expression: This is very important. It will be responsible for initializing the map and all the extra functions you might want to use. In this case we want to pass a “Point”, “Zoom level” as well as the “mapContainer” to the script.
·         Please note that you have to set the “Escape Content” property of the expression to No. By doing this you will able to inject HTML into the page.
6)     Now you can simply use this web block in any page.

7)     Attached is the DeCarta API as documentation. There are a lot of examples and other functionality not present in this eSpace but can be easily implemented with the Expression and Escape content set to No method.
NB: You can achieve the same result by going to and downloading the API from there. This also means that you will have to re-create the API with the web block method as described above as this is a newer version but the principle stays the same.

Have Fun.
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