String Manipulation On A Spring by LxIS

Version 1.0.2 (OutSystems 7)
Published on 24 March 2014 by 
LxIS - Lisbon Information Systems
LxIS - Lisbon Information Systems
Created on 25 February 2014
The only extension you will ever need to parse text or export to text in any format (csv, xml, json, custom formats, etc)
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Feature List

+ StringFormat:
Receives as parameters a formatting string and any record. From the records's fields outputs a formatted string according to .net string formatting rules:

Format Expression     - "{LastUpdatedAt:dd,MMM,yy}"
Record                          - Product (Name = "Ball", Description = "Playing Ball",  LastUpdatedAt = #2014-04-01#)

Result                           - "01, Apr, 14"

+ RegexParser
Given a text and a regex expression this method returns the list of regex groups that match within that text. 

Regex Expression    - "(?<year>[0-9]{4})(?<month>[0-9]{2}) (?<day>[0-9]{2})"
Text                              - "20120401"
      Group year with one MatchValue 2012
      Group month with one MatchValue 04

What’s new (1.0.2)
Added Features
Simplified RegexParse return structure
No longer return group 0 with the whole string
Can now work with multiple matches
Added ToDateTime for date time parsing with any format

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