Leaflet JS Web Plugin
Stable Version 1.2.0 (O11)
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Leaflet JS Web
Leaflet JS Web
Created on 08 May 2014
A interactive map component based on javascript library Leaflet JS with capacity to draw polygons, lines, circles, areas, markers, etc.
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This is a web component that wraps the Leaflet JS library in an OutSystems Widget. It requires the user to provide a URL for a WMS map service - tested with Mapbox.

Leaflet is the leading open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. Weighing just about 38 KB of JS, it has all the mapping features most developers ever need. Check all the documentation in their website.

What’s new (1.2.0)

- Fixed issue with the marker image URL

- Fixed issue with markers being duplicated after an ajax submit

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