Demo JavaScript Embedded Fonts
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Published on 26 September 2014 by 
Created on 26 September 2014
Demonstration on how to render 3rd party fonts without needing to install in user machine. This aplication demonstrates how to display barcodes using IDAutomation fonts and encoding classes
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This application is for demonstration purposes on how to use typeface.js libray in addition with  proprietary Fonts, to correctly display in any end-user without needing to install said fonts.
The included encode routine and font are property of IDAutomation, and are used here only for demonstration purposes. You should purchase a avalid license to redistribute this particular font.

  • Create or download an extension to encode data in any barcode standard (code 128 in the demo)
  • Download typeface.js from and add to OML/Resources, deploying to Target Directory on publish.
  • Convert or download font to js glyph file in; attach to OML/Resources as previous step.
  • Add 2 HTTPRequestHandler/AddJavaScriptTag to your page preparation, refrencing both typeface.js and your-font.js
  • Add an expression with the encoded data and style to the target font-family name.
  • Enclose previous expression in a <div> with class=typeface-js

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