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Created on 15 December 2014
Do you struggle when calling webservices that require a very customized integration as client certificates? Do you require a easy way of log every single call of a webservice. either for security or analytic reasons? Good, this is for you! Don't invest more time to build different log mechanisms or use 3rd party tools to trace the requests and responses.
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  • Enable audit for any webservices integrations;
  • Customize the XML Request/Response.

Notice: This component takes advantage of private and undocumented Platform APIs, which can change without notice. As a result, this component may unexpectedly break as the Platform is upgraded. We advise proper testing to ensure that your applications continue to work as expected when upgrading/patching the Platform. 

What’s new (1.1.0)
  • Support for Basic Authentication
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This component is not supported by OutSystems. You may use the discussion forums to leave suggestions or obtain best-effort support from the community, including from Paulo Garrudo who created this component.
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