How To - REST Made Easy

This How-To shows several things:

1. How to produce a REST web service with outsystems (for now).
2. How to differentiate between a GET and a POST call in the preparation and act accordingly.
3. Also, consuming a REST web service and viewing the result, with a sample that calls both the GET and the POST.
4. BONUS: I consumed an OEmbed REST service from Vimeo, where I uploaded a video that shows producing and consuming a REST service and returned the result in html on a web page.

Instructions: Make sure you modify the Base URL of the service being created when you publish to match your own service! Example: If your server is https://mypersonalenv.outsystemscloud.com, then set the base URL of MyService in the logic tab to that URL before publishing. Otherwise, you're using a URL that could easily be removed and you'll get a 404 error, or you'll simply be using bad data.