Embedded Change Technology

Stable Version 5.1.10 (Older)
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Created on 21 October 2008
Starting in version 6.0, this solution is installed with the Platform Server and will no longer be available as a standalone download.
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Starting in version 6.0, this solution is installed with the Platform Server and will no longer be available as a standalone download.

The Embedded Change Technology (ECT) equips applications created with the Agile Platform with feedback mechanisms that allow the end-users to submit their feedback where and when it's most significant inside applications.

This feedback becomes immediately available to application and factory managers to be analyzed, filtered, and eventually transformed in requirements to the next phase in the applications development cycle.

To benefit further from the Embedded Change Technology, you can enable ECT integration with the Agile Network where you will be able to centrally store and manage all the submitted feedback of your applications.

Feature List
  • Configure usage of ECT
    • Configure for which business users ECT is enabled
    • Configure for which applications ECT is enabled
  • Collect on-the-spot feedback from any user, about any application
    • Containing web screen shots for each feedback
      • Pinpointing the exact place the user pointed when the feedback was submitted
      • Providing contextual information about the application at the feedback moment
    • Containing contextual information about the user environment
      • Such as the browser vendor and version, and the window size
  • Centrally manage all the collected feedback in the Agile Network
    • One place to manage all your feedbacks
    • Open eSpaces directly from the Agile Network in the exact place where the feedback was submitted!
    • Associate feedback automatically to your agile projects based on user and/or application
    • Filter feedback by user, application, and /or agile project

Main Benefits
  • End-to-end change management out-off-the-box!
  • Reach business users never reached before to collect feedback
    • Business users are often remote and away from IT but with ECT, business users can still reach the core of IT despite their geographical location
  • Diminish effort of obtaining on-the-spot feedback about applications, both for IT and for the business users
    • ECT diminishes dramatically the cost of submitting feedback about an application on the business side, and the cost of understanding that feedback on the IT side
  • Constantly monitor the applications quality regarding problems, malfunctions and business requirements
    • Reduce the misalignment between business and IT, assuring an early detection of problems in applications and shifts of business requirements

What’s new (5.1.10)
  • Improved connectivity to ect.outsystems.com to synchronize feedbacks (#312714)
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