Stable Version 2.0.1
Published on 19 January 2015 by 
Highcharts Team
Highcharts Team
Created on 17 January 2015
After using this tutorial you will be able to: 1) Create a line, pie, bar, column and area chart; 2) Use all the parameters that are available on the chart; 3) Understand the differences between tooltip, xAxis, datalabels,... 4) Use and understand how we can apply JSON from the highcharts javascript library to the Outsystems.
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With the exponential increase of the information becomes essential to use intelligent tools that enable the interpretation of the data in a clear and objective way. In this context using graphics we can easily identify relationships between elements, trends and behaviors. As a result of this analysis the decision-making becomes faster and more accurate resulting in performance improvements and consistent with the situation of the business.

What’s new (2.0.1)
Fixed clear all functionality;
Fixed interaction between library input and the code line area.

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