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Julie Leonard, Andre Mota
Julie Leonard, Andre Mota
Created on 17 January 2015
Provides insight into a factory's application adoption statistics (who accessed what screen, when and how often) for a selected period of time, including trends over time.
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This application leads with a dashboard that provides visual insight into which users are accessing factory applications, when and how often, including trend over time. From the dashboard, you can drill through into specifics for a particular application, such as top 10 users and top 10 screens and even into which user accesses which screen and when. Download to excel is available from each level to support further analytics. 

Configuration options exist to manage which applications can be tracked and/or which users should be excluded from adoption calculations (for example administrators or similar). 

It does this by aggregating and storing statistics from the platform screen logs by day, user, screen in order to provide the ability to monitor these adoption statistics over time. 

Installation / Configuration:

After uploading and publishing the application, configure site properties, timers, and user roles

  1. Site Property: NotificationEmail - email address for an application administrator who can troubleshoot when data isn't getting refreshed as expected
  2. Timer: GetLogData - schedule to run daily after midnight to aggregate the previous day's screen logs
  3. Timer: LogDataOutOfDateCheck - schedule to run daily after GetLogData; sends a notification email to the user specified in "NotificationEmail" when the GetLogData has not run for more than 3 days to avoid loss of access to screenlogs for aggregation. 
  4. Assign AdoptionMonitorAdmin role and AdoptionMonitorViewer role as needed.

Once these configurations are complete, the application admin (with the AdoptionMonitorAdmin role) can configure the application itself.

  1. By default ALL factory applications are shown on the dashboard. Before you can manage which applications to exclude, you need to wait until after the initial load of data. To force an immediate load of the available screenlogs, navigate to the Administration section and press "Load Now" ; this will load available data through the prior day. 
  2. Now you can configure which applications should be excluded from the dashboard and which users may need to be excluded from the adoption calculations. You can do that from the Configuration menu option. 
What’s new (2.0.0)

Upgraded to OutSystems 11

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